Welcome To J.E.R.K. LNC

Juris Educational Resource Knowledge is a group of Legal Nurse Consultants that use a forum and e-mail service to brainstorm, educate one another and provide professional and personal support. PRIVATELY!

The forum covers marketing, clinical guidelines, continuing education resources, daily quotes, and a weight loss support group! In the e-mails we cover EVERYTHING! Need help? Just throw a question out there, you WILL get answers! Need advice on what to feed a finicky person? Just ask I am sure we can come up with many suggestions!  Need an Idea for marketing…oh we have tons! Want to laugh…well we can help there to.

Who Is The J.E.R.K. LNC

Our Mission

The J.E.R.K. LNC provides juris-educational resource knowledge, promotes professionalism and communication between legal nurse consultants (LNCs), and supports the independent LNC in his/her endeavor to be autonomous. We are geared toward registered nurses who are certified or working toward their certification to become legal nurse consultants, and who are in business for themselves or considering going into business for themselves to provide legal nurse consulting services.

Our Business Philosophy

We believe that the talents and gifts God has given us are to be used to help other legal nurse consultants so that they may prosper and grow, while at the same time allowing us to also prosper and grow.

The J.E.R.K. LNC Promise

“We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28

We believe that it’s this promise that will bring all problems to a good resolve. We promise to work with you and support you in all that is good. As we work together and give to each other, we believe it’s this faith that will help you succeed in the business you desire. All of us working together for the good. Striving to see one another succeed in the love we share of nursing and the application of the legal system. We think God’s guarantee is good enough for most. Come and join us as we live in the promise.